Call for Papers


The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Sustainability

Call for papers for the Special Issue on Sustainable Development Goals and Practices towards Future Cities

Submission deadline 20th of March, 2021

Special Issue Editor: Prof. B. Aysegul Ozbakir / Yildiz Technical University /

We would like to invite you to publish in the second issue of the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Sustainability (JMRS). The Journal aims to promote sustainability across a wide range of disciplines. This special issue will be dedicated to the “Sustainability Development Goals and Practices towards Future Cities”.

On 1 January 2016, the global community has started marking its path to 2030, the target year for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Member States of the United Nations (UN) adopted in September 2015(UN,n.d.). All partners – governments at all levels, academia, civil society, private sector, development agencies – have already defined SDGs at global and national strategy documents. In parallel with such efforts, urban areas still are the places of conspicuous consumption, rapid population growth with inequality, climate change and natural resource degradation. Consequently, enhancing the lives and prospects of people as well as the whole ecosystem at the local level is at the core of internationally-agreed development goals(UNHABITAT,n.d). 

In this context, we would like to invite for our second special issue articles with a research focus on an array of perspectives and knowledge on interventions and approaches that anchor global and national development strategies in distinct realities at the local level with a special reference to the future cities of our universe (GFC,n.d.). Some topics -but not limited to- are as follows:

  • Operational methods to apply SDGs at local and/or city level
  • New generation local governance and participation models and/or empirical research
  • Innovative solutions for climate change and adaptation process at city level
  • Nature friendly urban design and ecological settlement models for neighbourhoods
  • Innovative technological solutions and frameworks such as urban analytics/open data platforms/shared community network structures for sustainable communities
  • Case studies that provide insight into the implementation and operationalization of SDGs at city and neighbourhood levels from different perspectives such as design thinking, political and financial domains.

Submission process

Papers should be submitted online using the JMRS paper submission system. Papers should comply with the JMRS submission guidelines ( No late submissions will be accepted. Papers will be double blind peer reviewed.


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